craigslist houseshare ad: “i have a garden growing in my shower so you have to use eco-friendly hair products. you will see worms and other insects, and you will occasionally see a spider too but they all help out the ecosystem.”

Visited the house where Psycho was filmed when I was younger. Found this today in one of our photo albums.

Checked out a book today, some of these readers lived in an entirely different world…



The Webster Culling
The Webster family moved into their new home in early December 1964.
Mike Webster, 32.
Meryl Webster, 23.
Katrina Webster, 8.
Kaylee Webster, 7.
Charlie Webster, 5.
Two days after move-in, both girls started reported strange things to their parents. They said that their brother Charlie was speaking in his sleep about a man that lived in the toy chest.
The toy chest was actually an old trunk that the Webster’s picked up at a flea market and converted into a toy chest.
Meryl asked Charlie about the man in the toy chest the next day at breakfast.
"Hammer and nails," Charlie answered.
When asked again, it was the only thing that he would answer about the man in the toy chest.
After several days, it became the only thing that Charlie would say at all.
"Hammer and nails," Charlie would mutter in response to being asked what he wanted for breakfast. "Hammer and nails."
Fourteen nights after moving into the new house, Mike and Meryl awoke to the screams of all three children. Both parents rushed down the short hallway to the children’s room. When Mike tried to turn on the light, it wouldn’t turn on.
Both Webster parents swear that they heard a deep voice whisper, “Hammered and nailed.” 
The overhead light flickered once and then came on. The scene in the picture is what greeted the Websters that early morning in 1964.
What they were actually looking at became a police mystery that still has not been solved to this day.
The above picture was taken at the crime scene. Note the hammer on top of the toy chest. This hammer appears nowhere on the evidence list and neither the Websters nor any of the police that responded to the call remember it being there.
Although all three children were hung, that wasn’t the cause of death. The cause of death was a nail that had been hammered through the back of each child’s skull.
The boy at the far right of the frame is Charlie, and this is where the mystery gets even deeper.
The two girls on the left are not the Webster girls. The Webster girls disappeared that night and the two unidentified girls were killed in the bedroom.
The Webster girls have never been found, and the two dead girls that appeared in the Webster house have never been identified.

Holy fuck

Holy fuck, like oh my fucking fuck

I’m going to spend my next class finding out how true this is…..

letlive. by connie.shao.photography on Flickr.
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